Product Compliance & Certificates Of Conformity

Product Traceability

Transtek ensures product traceability through documentation of manufacturer serial numbers upon receipt and despatch. This ensures traceability throughout our supply processes and extends to after sales support. All items are automatically enrolled in our service system for statutory warranty and service level agreement purposes and this extends to traceability of any subsequent product replacements.

Hazardous Area Certificates

Our philosophy is to make hazardous area certificates publically available for all of the HA devices which Transtek offer. A PDF copy of the certificate relating to each item is available for download from the product page for each item. Certificates are provided in order of preference based on Australian / New Zealand standards i.e. ANZEx - IECEx, or failing this, ATEX (Europe) or NEC (USA). While we endevour to make the most recent version of each certifcate available, please ensure that you check the available online sources such as to determine whether a more up to date version exists.

Material Certificates

As a distributor, in many cases Transtek are constrained in our ability to provide material certificates of conformity based upon the certification available to us from the OEM manufacturer of the item concerned.

Why have certificates of conformity?

Customers are keen to have suppliers confirm, in writing, the quality of goods supplied and the materials from which they are produced. Validation of quality provided through the C of C "statement" is meant to give:

a) A declaration, in writing, that the goods are as ordered, and therefore are meant to give a degree of confidence that they are fit for purpose.

b) The confidence to reduce or dispense with goods inward inspection.

c) Traceability, provided via test results on documents such as 3.1 material certificates.

There are generally three levels of certification which we can provide, which relate to the standard BS EN10204 - METALLIC PRODUCTS - TYPES OF INSPECTION DOCUMENTS. This standard supports seven different levels of certification, of which Transtek has adopted two of the most suitable of these- types ‘2.2 Test Report’ and ‘3.1 Inspection Certificate’.

EN 10204 Type 2.1 Statement of Conformity.

This certificate serves as a declaration of compliance with the order, without specific testing information included. It confirms that the supplied products meet the requirements outlined in the order, without the inclusion of any independent testing.

  • A statement of compliance with the order's requirements.
  • Information identifying the product, such as type and any relevant specifications.
  • The name and address of the Distributor.

EN 10204 Type 2.2 Statement of Conformity.

Similar to Type 2.1, this certificate includes specific test results conducted by the manufacturer's in-house testing facilities. However, these tests are not performed by independent third-party organizations. It confirms that the products meet the order requirements based on the manufacturer's internal testing processes.

  • Specific test results are conducted by the manufacturer's in-house facilities on an item type.
  • A statement indicating conformity with the order's requirements based on the internal assessments of the manufacturer.
  • Details of any non-destructive testing performed.
  • The name and address of the manufacturer.

Type 2.1 statements and 2.2 test reports are able to be applied to locally stocked inventory, reducing supply lead times.

EN 10204 Type 3.1 Inspection Certificate is a document which:

a) Is issued by the manufacturer or independent assessor. (QA Department)

b) Details specific results of inspection and testing of the actual items supplied and is a verification of the actual item and the process.

c) Must be signed by the person responsible for document validation. (QA Department)

Type 3.1 certificates can only be issued by the OEM, and CANNOT be applied to locally stocked inventory. See full details below:

Type 3.1 Inspection Certificates (Material or Mill certificates) can only be supplied for products from certain manufacturers, and items must be specifically ordered from the manufacturer with the requested certificates. The provision of these certificates can take considerable man hours, certificates are required from our suppliers and their subsequent suppliers etc. Due to this there is a cost which needs to be considered for this service. Often too, additional batch recording and hard stamping of steelwork needs to be done as the items are manufactured. For this reason we must know that EN10204 type 3.1 material certificates are required at time of order, as we cannot supply them retrospectively at a later date. These are specifically NOT available for Crystal or Ralston products/fittings.


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