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About Us

Transtek was formed in 1988, as a Western Australian business specialising in process calibration equipment, at a time when many clients were negotiating the requirements of implementing ISO 9000 quality systems.

A unique feature of the company was that it did not rely on any 'parent company' or affiliate on the east coast of the country, as was prevalent at the time. Instead, all products were imported directly from the overseas manufacturer, cutting out an additional layer of costs and handling, while dramatically increasing the access to timely support for our clients. Since that time, the company has continued as a niche provider of products and solutions aimed at addressing the needs of equipment calibration and traceability, instrument configuration and issues related to the use of electrical items in hazardous areas.

Our aim is to challenge the pervading supply trend of the one-stop shop, or the "supplier of everything, master of none" mentality.

We certainly recognise that for large companies, each vendor they engage with results in a cost to their business, however, specialist products demand specialist knowledge. With the assistance of long term manufacturer-direct relationships, Transtek aims to offer a high level of product and application knowledge to our clients, backed up by after sale service and support that recognises the investment you have made in the products we offer.

Specific areas in which we provide application assistance are:

  • • Management of ISO calibration standards and certification of devices to meet their quality objectives
  • • Process instrument calibration management practices
  • • Digital process instrument communications
  • • Specification & selection of mobile hazardous area devices.

Our Online Catalogue and Store, launched in 2005, is a major part of our business. It seeks to address the specific needs of our clients who are often working on shifts in remote areas, with the intent of providing a resource that extends well beyond a downloaded datasheet or 'contact us for more information' button. The ability to build specific product configurations and place a quotation request, or in many cases order the desired items immediately, is virtually unique to the industry.