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Crystal Engineering

Representation - WA Distributor

In 1982, Crystal Engineering Corporation began with a simple idea: “Pressure is our Business.” Since then, the company has prided itself on the production of high quality pressure equipment that offers three intrinsic features: Value, Reduced Uncertainty and Increased Safety.

Crystal products are simple to use, with all of the hard work being take care of by perfectly elastic, crystalline sensors and the high level of precision engineering that goes into every device. Crystal use Active Digital Temperature Compensation to ensure you have lab accuracy in nearly any outdoor climate—even under extreme temperature. They define their accuracy clearly, so you know where you stand without working complex calculations. Each unit comes with its own ISOI/IEC 17025 test certificate, valid for one year and demonstrating its performance at multiple temperatures, not just in a nice air conditioned laboratory.

Ask your colleagues. Someone near you uses Crystal products. Compare them to any other and see the difference. Crystal's mission is to make sure you get the job done and the results speak for themselves.

Crystal Engineering (a division of AMETEK)
708 Fiero Lane, Suite 5, San Luis Obispo CA 93401 USA
Telephone: +1 (805) 595-5477 Facsimile: +1 (805) 595-5466