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NDT & Thickness Gauges

Transtek offer a range of gauges and meters designed to measure variables such as thickness, distance, speed, vibration or sound level. While commonly used to measure thickness by making contact with only one side of the test material, our range of non-destructive testing gauges can also detect very fine pits, flaws and porosity. The gauges listed here can determine total thickness, the thickness of paints or coatings, or even show the test material's reverse / hidden side.

The ultrasonic thickness gauges from Dakota Ultrasonics are some of the toughest in the world, with gasket sealed aluminium housings and warranty periods of up to 5 years. Their wide range of NDT units offers everything from the most basic single velocity gauge to highly accurate, data logging, multi-mode, material and coating thickness models with live visual displays. Dakota also manufacture the UMX-2; a high-spec submersible gauge designed for offshore inspections at depths of up to 300m.

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