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Instrument Configuration

We've been working with HART® and Smart devices for as long as we've been in business.

HART Instrument Connectivity

Our experience in configuration hardware and system solutions for instruments designed to work on the HART® communications protocol stems from our role as Asia Pacific support for one of the earliest non-aligned asset management and maintenance systems. Known collectively as Cornerstone, this system and others such as Emerson's AMS package provides full use of the HART® protocol, allowing interrogation of instrument configuration variables along with automated reporting of operational and status information.

Traditional, handheld field communicators from Emerson and Meriam provide support for HART® and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus protocol compliant equipment. However, if you're looking for a smart, flexible and inexpensive alternative to a single purpose device, you can now convert your Windows® or Android® PC, tablet or smartphone into a fully functioning, HART® communicator with DevCom software and our range of HART® modems from MACTek (the Viator series) and ProComSol.

We offer the following solutions:

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