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Dataloggers & Recorders

We offer a range of data acquisition and data loggers dependant on whether you want to view live data or record it for analysis. The nVision reference recorder from Crystal Engineering, is an example of the best of both world's, allowing you to view live data, scroll back in time and zoom in on a particular reading, and while you are doing so, the device carries on recording live data.

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  1. Crystal nVision Handheld Reference Recorder

    Crystal nVision Handheld Reference Recorder

    IECEX Ex ia IIB T4 Ga or T3

    • IECEx & ATEX Zone 0 Intrinsically Safe
    • IP67 Rated Dust & Immersion-Proof Housing
    • Accurate Enough to Replace a Deadweight Tester
    • Rugged Enough to Operate in 1m of Water
    • Portable Enough to Log Data Anywhere

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